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D Lonely Stoner is a creative blog whose main purpose is to de-clutter my mind by containing all my thoughts and experience in an organized way. I believe there is some merit in getting stoned (not by others), especially when you do not enjoy the company of others and are usually a huge pain in the *** where social niceties are concerned. If this has piqued your curiosity enough, go out and check my bio page to know the mind behind all this randomness.

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rise of kali, anand neelakanthan

The Rise of Kali: Ajaya II – Book Review

This post was first published in Tell-a-tale. Religious History has a way of weaving itself into the strands of our life in a most profound manner. Though an atheist myself, I cannot help but explore the endless ocean of mythical dynasties that acquaint us with the innumerable legends of the Gods and Goddesses of men. My search for […]


How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company: A perspective review

Varun Agarwal is the perfect salesman of the century. He sold his book in the first 10 seconds of his pitch just by lowering your expectation, and brilliantly setting the tone of the review that you are likely to leave for this book! It’s not a Shakespeare or an Amitava Roy. It’s not a Stephen […]

Sentinelese Tribe

The Lost dynasty of Eden: Sentinelese Tribe of North Sentinel Islands

the coast of Andaman is a mysterious sliver of an island devoid of any kind of sophistication that marks the quotidian life of human civilization. The aerial view of this idyllic retreat characterize it to be endowed with amazing beaches and lush, dense vegetation, but no earthly men dare set foot on this forbidden sanctuary of the Indian […]

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Clair De Lune

Igor sat on top of the cliff looking afar at the setting sun, waiting for Night to descend. His thoughts were still ringing with the voice of the Elders. “Make the impulse of your soul prevail over the inertia of your Maqtub.” He has been waiting for this day since he was told of his […]

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The Lone Hermit

Rippling and gliding silently like a black python, the river shimmered like the stars in the heavens above, reflecting the lights of innumerable diyas from its banks. We were sitting in a boat, down the Ganges and in front of me was the hermit, bearing the face of a man in peace with his Gods. To read […]

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November Narcissist

“Never date a Scorpio”, he said to the wide eyed girl in front of him. But you are a Scorpio yourself….. She was stopped mid-track, “That is precisely why I never thought of dating you before.” To read more click here: http://dlonelystoner.com/index.php/2014/04/16/november-narcissists-a-to-z-challenge-day14/

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The Tree of Life

Looks can be deceiving, especially in a sultry twilight where the greys and the blues blur the edges of one’s face. The evening was wearing off, welcoming the night sky with all the ardour of a jealous step-sister. The cab had dropped me off earlier in the middle of a busy marketplace. As far as […]

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There is a stranger in our midst A mad man, peeking through the skeins of our mind A sad man, he is.  x Lurking, Waiting, to come out and scream To laugh at your fears The monster of your dreams  —————————————————- To read the full poem, click here: http://dlonelystoner.com/index.php/2014/04/28/xenophobic-a-to-z-challenge-day-24/

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The Solo Cafe

There are two things that I have learnt from my travels. First, you can be pretty miserable almost anywhere. Second, being your own porter of a luggage weighing twenty-something kilos can suddenly transform you from a beautiful Diva to a sweating club fighter. To read more, click here: http://www.tell-a-tale.com/the-solo-cafe/

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